• 5000mAh
  • Long-Lasting
  • 90Hz
  • Colour-Rich
    Punch-Hole Display
Reasons To Buy OPPO A76
  • 90Hz Colour-Rich Punch-Hole Display
  • OPPO Glow Design
  • 5000mAh Long-Lasting
    5000mAh Long-
    Lasting Battery
  • OPPO Enduring Quality OPPO Enduring
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Power Up Your Daily Life
With 33W charging, you can be back in action in a flash. Minutes of charging guarantees a long running time.
  • 30min charge
    for 55% battery
  • 5min charge
    for 2h of video playing1
5000mAh Long-Lasting Battery2
Full Day Enjoyment
A powerful battery for conquering every day. Stay connected, stay entertained and never miss a moment.
Super RAM&ROM3
Start With Efficiency
With Octa-Core Processor, RAM Expansion and 128GB ROM, enjoy apps that run smooth as silk, and have lots of space to store them all.
90Hz? Colour-Rich Punch-Hole Display
Silky And Slick Viewing Experience
Graphics flow when slick, colour rich animations captivate and ignite.
OPPO Glow Design
Project Your Style
Choose from the calm oceanic blue of the sea, or an inky black that projects sophistication and class. Whichever your style, OPPO A76 has a colour that suits you.
  • Glowing Black
  • Glowing Blue
Subtly Sophisticated
The thin, smooth design catches the eye, but never begs for attention. It brushes off finger marks and dirt with ease, sustaining its shiny, valuable look.
OPPO Enduring Quality
OPPO A76 resists scratches and splash water to retain its flawless look. Whatever the scenario, OPPO A76 is ready.
Portrait Bokeh
Bring your subject centre stage with precise, natural bokeh and authentic blurring.
360° Fill Light
Shine even in dim light.
Al Natural Retouching
Show off your natural beauty in every photo.
Backlit HDR Portrait
Clear, natural shots whether backlit or facing the light.
ColorOS 11.1
  • Three-Finger Translate With Google Lens
    Customize your screenshot area and translate them just in one tap.
  • Flexdrop
    Switch smoothly between apps for easy multitasking.
1. The data presented on these pages comes from OPPO technical specifications, as well as test data from the laboratories and from suppliers. In actual circumstances, the data will differ slightly, depending on the test software version, testing environment, and device version.
2. 5000mAh is the typical value of battery capacity. The rated capacity is 4880mAh.
3. Certain product specifications and descriptions may change due to reasons like changes in suppliers. For instance, RAM/ROM availability may vary depending on country or carrier.
4. 90Hz refresh rate may not adapt to all mobile phone usage scenarios.
5. Be aware of different screen size calculations for different units of measurement (metric vs imperial systems — depends on the country the device is sold in).
6. Product pictures are for reference only. Please refer to the actual product.
7. Shooting of scene image is affected by the ambient light. Actual performance of the phone may vary depending on the ambient lighting condition.
  • Performance
  • Design
  • Quality
  • Camera
  • ColorOS 11.1
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